Who We Are

WeHaveRoom.net is operated by a coalition of groups which do mutual aid work in many different disaster zones. Some of these groups include Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, Solidarity Houston: Autonomous Aid, North Bay IWW, and Centro de Apoyo Mutuo de Caguas.

We are grassroots: we don’t affiliate with the State or with any wealthy nonprofits, and we aren’t paid for our work.

We are people who lived through hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Sandy, Harvey, Irma, Maria, through fires, floods and manmade disasters of neglect and exploitation - and we’ve seen the ways in which a crisis can cut through the isolation and alienation of everyday life, how it can change the way people relate and suddenly we are sharing, we are working together, we are taking care of each others’ needs. We do this work not only because it is essential to our collective survival, but also because it is transformative - every act of solidarity and mutual aid is a step toward building a new world amidst the ruins of the old world.

Our work is as varied as the different disasters we face in the different regions we represent; but generally it involves meeting people’s needs for food, water, shelter, power, and working to grow the local capacity to fulfill those needs into the future.